Multi Level Marketing – Stop the Nay Saying

A bit of an unusual rant from me but I truly felt that I had to speak up on behalf of women.

I recently watched a YouTube clip about a product a friend of mine had started selling. The commentator in the video was against my friends product. His only reason for being against the product is that it was multi-level marketing (MLM). Nothing about the integrity of the company or the quality of the product. Just against it because of the way you buy it.

Let me tell you about MLM and I why I do it and thousands of others do it too. Now, I agree, there are some unscrupulous companies out their, but mostly the MLM products that are lasting and that have successful sales consultants are good products from good companies that chose a specific growth path. And it is a path that empowers its consultants, most of whom are women.

I love MLM. I am not hugely active as for me it is a side line. I have two MLM products that I sell because I absolutely believe in or love the product. I am well rewarded, can work the hours I want and I have fun. I also get to work with some amazing people who bring joy to my life. Most of the women I work with have MLM as their main source of income. They are able to work around children, family commitments and their own commitments. I work with mums of young children, university students, upcoming brides, and women with older children. All express how much they enjoy being able to pick their own hours.

I have heard people comment that I am making money off my friends. Yes, I did, they welcomed me into my home to hear what I had to say. The same as if you bought a product from a friend that worked in a shop or owned the shop. Other critics point to the rewards that can include holidays locally and overseas. My son works for a multi-national company and regularly goes on holidays that he has won on bonuses, or he travels for conferences, planning retreats and any number of activities. This is how businesses in sales work. They reward their top sales people. And that is what MLM does too.

Put simply, MLM is just one of a number of different business models, one that enables women to work part time or full time, when it suits them and their families, and gives them financial independence, boosts their confidence, and in many many cases builds strong lasting friendships.

If you are interested, there are links below are to my business sites and to mine and my friend’s FaceBook pages if you are interested on finding out more about the product.

Norwex – cleaning house with only water. Saving time, money and being environmentally conscious.

Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery – no lead, nickel or cadmium for your skin to absorb. I have a metal allergy and have no reaction to this beautiful, stunning range of high fashion jewellery.

Juice Plus+ – an energising collection of whole food supplements.


Monday Menopause update!

I just have to ask… How do career women balance peri-menopause and work and family and friends? Seriously! I am blessed with not being moody, in terms of cantankerous. Although, I am periodically suffering from eye leakage at cute duck and puppy videos on Facebook and am sometimes voluntarily cuddling babies.

As for my career, I have set up my work life at the moment to enable me to work from home most days. Amazing what bosses will offer you when they like your work and really want you. Very empowering too. So today I am madly designing a survey questionnaire and realise I have worked 6.5 hours without a break. Unfortunately, this is not unusual for me as I tend to get into workaholic mode very quickly. So, using what scant will power (another thing that seems to vanish as part of the whole end of the hormone business) I have I decided to stop for lunch. (And I must digress a bit because it was a fabulous lunch, because I’m married to the Most Darling Man who loves to cook. In fact, while writing this he has just gone out to the garden and picked fresh lettuce and tomatoes for my evening salad.)

So there I am, feeling nice and full, starting to contemplate my winter waistline, and I think I will have a quick power nap. This was at 3pm. One hour and twenty minutes later I wake with a fright and leap up and race to my computer to log in for my afternoon vid conference just in time. The vid conference went well except for the fact that in my rush to log in I didn’t check my appearance and had the most dreadful case of bed hair. Thank goodness I go without makeup most days otherwise I could have had panda eyes as well. I was also busting to go to the bathroom. A new feature of this peri-menopause business is that my bladder thinks it is full as soon as there is more than three drops of urine to get rid of. What is that deal?

So, why did I sleep so long in the middle of the day you ask? Had I had a late night? Had I had an early morning start? No, it is because I had absolutely zero sleep last night. True! I spent my night like this: I’d just drop off to sleep and wake up because I was cold, I’d fumble for the electric blanket and just as I was warming up my temperature irregulator would soar to the other extreme and before I knew it I was blazing hot and kicking the bedding off to run naked (something I’ve not done previously, well not since my 20s when I had a body worth running naked in!) to stand in front of the freezer on the cold kitchen tiles. I would then chug down cold water and head back to bed. And then just as I was drifting off I would need to go to the bathroom. I’d stagger back to bed and the whole cycle would repeat.

Now you may recall that I have been trying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to control the worst of the symptoms, and I have to say it is working, and most nights I get a reasonable amount of sleep, but I think I am looking for a miracle cure. As in zero symptoms. The TCM Dr has changed the dosage of my medication and stuck a few more needles in me for good measure so hopefully when I return from my meditation retreat I will be more balanced.

So, if like me you are going through 1 or 34 of the symptoms of peri-menopause … hang in there … estimates are that it lasts from 3 to 15 years. Oh, and to the woman who offered me Christian comfort the other day as ripped open my fan and fanned myself down while shrugging out of my hat, scarf and coat, thank you very much for your kindness and clear empathy. It was most welcomed, and I did read your pamphlets out of politeness, and, after spending six years in pubescent hell as a teenager, countless years with bloating, weird days where I felt everything was wrong until I woke the next day and realised that my “friend” was about to arrive, late arrivals and early arrivals and short stays and long stays, and heavy stays while wearing skinny white jeans, don’t even get me started on the agony of childbirth, and now that I am lining up for the switching off of my hormones, I would like to say “the female body is NOT an example of intelligent design”.

That’s pretty much all for today. I wish you all a wonderful evening and a beautiful restful sleep.


Menopausal Madness & the Working Woman

I always wondered why women would take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) especially when all the news linking it to the development of cancers started arising (see link below). That is until changing my bed linen became a daily occurrence and the slightly strange moods morphed into feelings of being overwhelmed or disengaged and unmotivated, we won’t even discuss the bizarre feelings of anxiety! I have always prided myself on being a strong woman that will always step up to the plate when needed. I am the person who makes the hard decisions. I’m the person the family calls on for answering questions like “should we turn off the life support”. Serious. That’s me. I’m the Aunty people call when there is a problem that needs a person who can act sensibly and responsibly under pressure. Not to mention being the super-organised one at work who just rolls up her sleeves and gets on with it. Now I find myself with eye leakage at cute puppy and kitten memes. As I dragged my jumper off for the nth time yesterday, I wondered how professional me would be coping.

Currently I have the luxury of working from home and videoing in for meetings. During my last face to face meeting I was only having slightly warm flushes of an evening. Now the most recent ones are noticeable. So, how does the professional woman manage, in a room full of clients, peers and subordinates to not rip off her shirt and madly fan herself with the most recent financial report? How do you deal with brain fog? What are the alternatives to HRT? Because, I have to say that a couple of days ago if I was working in a corporate environment I would have considered it.

When I went to the TCM Dr she commented that “I’ve caught it early”. This means in terms of treatment my menopausal symptoms will respond better. I now have 15 little black ball shaped pills to take twice a day and acupuncture once a week till I get some balance back. Given I am a holistic health coach myself, I understand that unlike harsh Western medicine, I will not see immediate results. I am also a firm believer in not trying multiple therapies at once, so I am not trying any essential oil or homeopathic treatments; as yet. But I can assure you that at 3am, with zero sleep and another flaming hot wave sweeping through my body I could easily set aside my do no harm principals and eat the heart of a frog, or drink the urine of the endangered long-eared bat! And, and this is an important AND, I am NOT having severe symptoms, not only am I in the early stages, my  plant-based (mostly organic) eating habits mean that I am less exposed to hormones and chemicals in the food chain.

I have been doing a bit of research. By this I mean I activated the female friendship tree and got some tips. I have heard that I should wear waterproof makeup that allows you to sweat, no ladylike glow here, or where no makeup at all, or get your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted (something I already did until my recent accidental conversion to plant-based eating). Put a bundle of tissues in each armpit and leave your jacket on during meetings. Keep a diary to see if you can time the flushes and only schedule meetings when you think you won’t have one (can you imagine what that notation would like it in your diary? 9am Meeting with CFO, 9.45am Hot flush …). Drink as much water as possible. Avoid eating foods that cause your body to smell when it is sweating. In fact, try and avoid altogether because apparently you can just get smelly. Oh, and one last one, always wear at least a panty liner, because minor incontinence is also on the cards. Menopause Australia list 34 symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause. If you weren’t depressed at the thought of menopause, read the list, I promise you will be at least sad and apprehensive. On the upside, you will be informed and better able to manage and make tough decisions.

On a professional note, I recommend being open, whilst you don’t have to discuss each and every symptom, which would also be tactless, you can do what I do, drag out my trusty fan and fan myself. I say nothing unless someone looks at me questioningly, at which point I simply say “that time of life” and move on. You will also be surprised at how accommodating men of your age group and older are. It appears that as we get older there are less and less social taboos. I had a man at the airport the other night regaling me with stories about his wife’s flushes and how he often ended up on the couch!

On a further professional note, it is worth your while to be familiar with these symptoms as we all manage or work with a diversely aged population. To date I have worked with: women going through IVF and men whose partners were; colleagues with children and with children facing difficulties; women going through “the change”; and people my age and older dealing with becoming grandparents (sometimes very unexpectedly) and often at the same time becoming the carer for an elderly parent. All these outside engagements can affect performance. To keep employees productive we need to be understanding and able to provide a flexible and harmonious workplace. Who knows, it might be you who needs a special consideration one day!

After my meditation retreat I will be recommencing my martial arts training. I am hoping that meditation and the discipline of martial arts will assist me in regaining and retaining my focus and sharp thinking.

Some further reading on menopause…

Menopause Centre Australia:

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A little happy note from me…

I wish that all of you whose meanderings in the Red Dust have brought you to the menopausal stage of your journey are able to embrace it as the next big adventure. I personally am looking forward to seeing how the way I view and respond to the world changes. And while I probably can’t dance like I used to (in fact, after my nieces 21st recently, I know I can’t), there is always a dance to be found! So I will continue wandering my Red Dust Way and hope I can bring you some wisdom from my menopausal journey.

Menopause? Now!? Really!?!

Yes, Really! At the ripe young age of 48 I am heading into menopause. Don’t ask if it is peri-menopause or menopause. I have been too paralysed with fear to do any intelligible research. I didn’t even know there was more than one stage. I did try to do research. Really. I googled “symptoms of menopause” and in the search results was an article on “38 symptoms…” At that point I truly wished I drank alcohol so I could drown my fears, sorrows and anything else. I refused to read further. The symptoms I have include random memory loss, fuzzy thinking and a huge, almost crippling inability to focus. And, as if that isn’t enough, I am spending the entire night on a rolling wave of hot AND cold flushes. My mother has some serious explaining to do. This part of my life was left out of the “Talk” we had when I had meno-start.

Now I must say I was relieved to discover that the brain fugue is part of menopause. Even if it was delivered via the oh-so-not hilarious taunts of a friend on Facebook. Well, okay, they were funny taunts but that is not the point. I had been starting to think I might have an early onset of Alzheimer’s so I was glad to know that I would stop forgetting important stuff, of course I can also continue to remember dancing on pianos when I was younger. Perhaps I can organise a selective forgetfulness? I was also pretty okay with the flushes. Although my sleep was disturbed, I was waking feeling rested. The flushes started of as mildly warm and stayed that way until about a week ago. Now it is total strip off time. This is all fine and good until you are a guest on a bed in the lounge room and wake to find yourself with blankets kicked off and no t-shirt! My son assures me he doesn’t have to burn his eyes out!!

And again, all that I could have coped with, until I started getting more than one or two mild flushes through the day. Now I get several through the day and they require me to strip off my outer layers. And I have many layers as just before hand I would have had teeth-chattering cold and bundled up. Fortunately, being a born and bred Melbourne girl I am used to dressing for 26 seasons in one day, but I have to tell you on my recent flight back from Sydney on a tiny plane there wasn’t much room for on again off again clothes. Well, not unless I wanted to elbow my fellow passengers, which I confess is something I have thought about on previous flights but these fellow travelers were nice people.

Anyway, after the son nearly burning his eyes out incident, I had decided I needed a Plan. I find things work better when you have a Plan. Even if you can’t stick to it, you still have an idea of where you are meant to be heading and what you are meant to be doing. My plan – always wear a t-shirt and jacket instead of sweaters. Simple! I thought I was so clever. Well the weather was not conducive to the t-shirt and jacket so I had to wear a sweater. On one occasion, Sydney got a lovely eyeful of my middle-aged pale midriff as I ripped my sweater off. My daughter-in-law at least had a vague idea of what I was going through so did not die of embarrassment at the feral stripping off on the busiest thoroughfare in the city.

Time to change tactics. This was when I decided that a fan would be a lovely complement to my plan. Do you have any idea how stupid you look fanning yourself in freezing cold weather? I do. Especially when all the trendy young hipsters surrounding you have no clue as to why you would be fanning yourself. I suddenly felt awkward and gauche. Not something that is foreign to me, but it has certainly not been something that has caused me concern for decades. I rarely give a toss what strangers in crowded restaurants think about me. I dress for me and behave for me and choose to have the friends I have. And quite frankly I can’t be bothered with people making vapid judgements. So why the insecurity? Or rather, anxiety? Ah, yet another symptom. Something I also know nothing about. I actually had some anxiety two weeks ago and had to phone a friend to ask what was wrong with me. When she told me I laughed and told her I didn’t get anxiety. Guess I was wrong on that count.

So, where does that leave me? Well, I wasn’t planning on going through menopause until I was 55. Guess that schedule needs reviewing. So I thought, oh well, no biggy, I’ll just suck it up and get through it. I mentioned to a friend how uncomfortable the symptoms were. She told me she has a friend who has been having the symptoms for 10 years. 10 years!!! Another woman I spoke to mentioned that her Aunty has been having symptoms for over 15 years. So NOT A HAPPY CAMPER people. What next? I have decided I need to do some research and I went to see the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dr. I have had a treatment of acupuncture and started taking a herbal remedy. I’ll let you know how it works out. And any interesting tidbits from my research. Hopefully I’ll have my happy dancing feet back on in no time at all.


The mind-stomach connection

This article expresses so much of what I have believed for a long long time. It is interesting to note that, in some cultures, the stomach also used to be the love muscle, not the heart. I have been sticking to a very good health protocol and ignoring my bodies signals. I.e., demands for a certain combination of foods. So engrossed was I in completing this protocol to the letter, especially as I had received and enjoyed so many benefits, like being candida balanced, that I didn’t listen until I came down with a head cold. Now I am looking at my fridge, garden and pantry and listening to what my gut is telling me to eat. I mean really listening! And the result, I am functioning, yes, I am sleeping longer than normal, but I am managing the heavy workload at this end of the academic trimester.

I am also only needing the lightest of interventions in terms of controlling the sneezing. I believe the body sneezes for a reason so I am using my Himalyan Rock Salt inhaler to support my sinuses, gargling in salt water three times a day for my throat, and having lots n lots of healthy veggies. If I do have to venture out near other people I am using a natural “old-fashioned” rememdy, some eucalyptus oil in a steam inhaler, and a dab of eucalyptus oil on my shirt collars to stop the sneezing, or HAR-PA-CHOOOOING!! I also have an old school stainless steel inhaler that carries a cloth soaked in camphor and eucalyptus oils. I also add a dab of lavendar oil onto each side of my throat. I find it lifts my mood and helps me to be pleasant. (Please note, I am not an aromatherapist and am only learning about essential oils in a broader scheme, there may be much better solutions available, I am just using the die hards I learnt from my granddad).

The overall combination is that I am quite comfortably shaking off a mild cold as opposed to a year ago when I would have been bedridden and suffering for days and using all sorts of nasty over the counter remedies to get myself back to work before I was physically fit to do so. Not to mention the damage of suppressing coughs and sneezes and leaving all the dead pathogens in my body for my already toxic body to clean out. Yuk!

PS, my normally healthy as a horse partner has come down like a bag of bricks. He is insisting on eating crap, like a frozen, microwave reheated meat pie, and strangely enough … He Is Not Getting Better! As the only nutrition coach in the house I am pulling rank and making a beautiful vegan organic stock and using that as a base for a warming minestrone until he gets better. Maybe, just maybe, he will listen to his body more and learn to ignore his cravings. 🙂

For those of you heading into winter, stay warm, stay healthy, and eat well. For my Northern Hemisphere followers, embrace Spring! Walk barefoot on the grass, dance in the sun, breathe breathe breathe fresh air, and eat a high raw organic plant based diet to see you sailing through Spring, Summer and Autumn (Fall) and have you prepared, and strong, for a healthy Winter.


Disgusting diet pill scam

I am so angry. A friend posted a link showing appalling marketing practices on my personal facebook wall today. That disgusting PureGarcinia company has taken to faking endorsement using the beloved Australian magazine, The Women’s Weekly. These “Skinny” pills have been proven to not work. Do a quick Google search adding “Pure Garcinia reviews”. People are losing money, not weight. In a double blind study the group taking the supplement lost less weight than the group taking it.

Women, and men should love their bodies. Not fall into this trap of unrealistic body images. The only diet you should ever undertake is a lifestyle eating path that brings you to good health. If you are in good health then your body will find its own natural weight. I do encourage organic, high raw, gluten free, vegan/vegetarian lifestyles from my own personal experience. I would never recommend a magic pill. None exist. And yes, sadly, I know that from personal experience too.

So that you don’t get caught out I have posted links to the real and the fake sites.

REAL: Australian Women’s Weekly

FAKE: Australian Women’s Weekly

There is NO magic pill!!

My recent red dust wanderings have seen me lose about 20 kilos in weight. I didn’t starve myself and I didn’t exercise like an olympic athlete. In fact, the most I would do in the beginning was a gentle 20 minutes on a mini-trampoline in front of the TV. I do none now but I walk more often and am more active generally so I manage about 5000 steps a day. So many people have commented on how well I look and want to know my “secret”. They are so disappointed when I tell them. Most are  expecting some gimmicky magic diet pill that allows them to keep eating the same and behaving the same. So here’s the bald truth. I chose to follow a plant-based eating lifestyle. That’s it!

I confess to being an accidental vegan. I wasn’t motivated by the wholesale abuse of animal rights, nor was I inspired as to this being an appropriate lifestyle for my spiritual beliefs. Rather, I had become so ill that I could barely keep anything other than soy/almond milk or vegetables down. Despite the nausea I didn’t lose any weight. So I decided to step up and commit to taking charge of my health. I decided to practice being vegan for six months and see what would happen. A friend of mine put me in touch with a great vegan program as I was nervous I would end up malnourished and hungry. Never been healthier, happier or fuller. When I was on the formal program I struggled some days to eat the allocated food. And, yes I did a juice fast. Ten fabulous days. Four litres of the most beautiful tasting organic juices (except the cabbage juice!) plus a fabulous detox drink every day. I’m planning a 60 day fast for September.

Did I have detox symptoms you ask? Well there’s the kicker. I had a guaranteed way to relive the symptoms … organic coffee enemas. Yes! You heard correctly, coffee enemas. I was shocked at first too but quickly mastered the art. Well, there were a few accidents along the way, but I kept my sense of humour. You need to when you are placing a hose connected to a litre of coffee to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

I became so happy with my lifestyle that I have thrown in my career as an Analyst and am studying to be a Health and Nutrition coach and learning some other healing techniques along the way.

If you are thinking of making some changes I strongly urge you to follow a plan or get some good vegan cooking books from the library or the bookstore. One I love in particular is Oh! She Glows! A great cookbook, filled with scrumptious recipes that turn out exactly as they should. Each recipe comes with a great allergen guide as well.

Some pointers about my plant-based eating lifestyle, no animal products at all, this includes dairy and eggs, no gluten, no peanuts, and wherever possible, I choose organic produce. There are some vegetables that are so laden in pesticides, let alone genetically modified that I won’t eat at all. We are lucky here in Australia but if you can, buy organic. I also don’t drink alcohol, but there are organic wines and beers on the market now and the key to all things is moderation.

Lastly, some people find that making gentler changes works for them. I’m an all or nothing kind of person, but I do think that you can make small changes like changing your portions. Rather than committing to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, commit to ahealthier you and your family. Make meat the smallest portion on your plate and coloured vegetables the largest portion. Try scrambled eggs on a bed of spinach instead of three pieces of toast and cut out the bacon. Try a couple of vegetarian dishes each week. Who knows, you might like them. And, simplest of all, grab and apple instead of the chips.

A couple of blogs you might enjoy.

Happy meanderings my fellow Red Dust Wanderers

My favourite vegan salad

I have only been vegan for half a year and I am loving it. The food is so tasty and filling that I never miss my old SAD ways of eating. The added loss of 17 kilos is also a nice bonus.  So I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes I discovered on my recent vegan wanderings. Have a wonderful day and for those celebrating Easter, I hope you have a great family day with lots of fun for the kids.

Over 40, unfit, and fat …

That was me, over 40, unfit and fat. And so far from the Red Dust Warrior of my inner me as could be possible. I ignored every signal my body sent me until the night I walked into the emergency department at Queanbeyan Hospital and said, “I think I only have indigestion, but I’d hate to wake up dead because I ignored something.” They never really did find out what caused it. My blood pressure was 165/90. Later they were keeping me in because my blood pressure went so low I set all the alarms off. Now, I have to say that I didn’t listen to that message straight away but it did bubble at the back of my brain. I put it down to stress and went back to my workaholic ways. I continued in my stress filled job for another year before I begged my boss to release me. I thought I’d get a transfer and get some work life balance. Unfortunately you can’t just walk into the supermarket and buy a box of work/life balance off the shelf.

Three years later I was still unhealthy and generally unwell and really unhappy in my job. I had had another couple of “mysterious” heart incidents and seemed to have an immune system that attracted every bug and virus within a 20 kilometre radius. I missed so much work and then my back collapsed on me completely while on long service leave. I spent 9 weeks almost constantly in bed barely able to move or walk and definitely unable to sit. I still didn’t listen. I kept eating bad food and, and as soon as I could manage a reasonable distance (100metres) I went back to work even though I hated my job with every fibre of my being.

Mid last year  I started vomitting everything I ate. First meat, then dairy, then fish and finally eggs. I was getting terrified to eat. I was making smoothies out of silverbeet from my backyard and organic apples and almond or soy milk. I did this for 2 months and lost barely any weight. I had developed trigeminal neuralgia and was in constant pain and weighed in at 95 kilos. After this massive change in diet and dramatic decrease in caloric intake I had only lost 1.5 kilos. I had two lumps on my thyroid but my tests showed everything was okay. I was not okay! My doctor was concerned because she felt the weight should be falling off me if I was eating so clean. But I wasn’t really. I was still loading on some gluten free junk food, and gluten free pizza, some fairly highly processed foods and tonnes of coffee daily. Although by this time I had given up Coca Cola and alcohol so I still should have been losing weight.

I reached out to a friend who practices a vegan lifestyle. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to adopt this lifestyle that my body was forcing on me, I would do it properly. I had watched Joe Cross’ movie, Fat, Sick and nearly Dead, and absolutely knew that juicing was the way to go. The movie was really powerful. My friend also put me onto Liana Shanti, the RawganicVegan, see link below. I went on her 66 Day reset (8 week reset), which is started with a 10 Day juice fast and daily coffee enemas. Yes! Enemas. I know, I was shocked too. Although not half as shocked as when I did my first one.

I cannot tell you how different the reset made me feel. I have always been about stepping up and owning your life, owning your decisions but I had let myself become a giant couch potato. I justified the disgusting diet of potato chips and chocolate and 2 litres of Coca Cola a day. I was drowning in self loathing, far far far from my usual “happy dancing feet” persona. And although nobody in my personal life knew it, I was becoming seriously disaffected with life. Really struggling to find pleasure in the small things. I had always been able to pick myself up and dust myself off no matter what happened. Always able to just suck it up and get on with it. Now I just seemed to wallowing in a giant cess pool of angst.

I now welcome that vomitting. It changed my attitude and my life. I have taken all my business acumen and organisation skills and totally reframed my life. I am comfortably below 80 kilos, and it has been a gentle steady loss, which at times I put a hold on to explore the wonderful world of vegan, high raw foods (especially the desserts) and I am now undertaking a Candida Protocol. Along the way I have been “releasing” emotions and deeply exploring what I want from life. The answers have been truly suprising on some levels.  I have quit my extremely well-paid unhappy job as a Business Analyst and commenced on a new life as a Health and Wellness Coach.  And, I am finally studying something just because I want to, Applied Buddhist Studies. Although I intend incorporating many of my Taoist and Buddhist beliefs into my coaching. My marriage, which was always good is now great, and we are contemplating a tree change. I am reconnecting with my children on a whole new level and have so much energy for my grandkids. And for the first time in many years I am now able to meditate. I am so much more mindful of the world around me and my place within it. I am truly manifesting my inner Red Dust Warrior.

If you have ever though of undertaking a juice fast I highly recommend it. Who knows, like me it could be just what you need.

PS. I receive no income from promoting these links. I do it only to share what I believe in. Paying it forward …

PPS. If you would like to become a Red Dust Wanderer and join me on my journey I will be taking on new clients after May (2015).