I still call him Bruce!?! Excuse me? The ignorance of some people …

Warning! May contain a bit of a Rant!!

The arrogance of some people to say that they will continue to call Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”. To me this shows all sorts of disrespect to others and to yourself. It shows me that you not only have low self-esteem but a serious lacking in self-worth. Your statement clearly reflects that you live in a world where you are too scared to be true to yourself and so you seek to keep others down or to pull them down when they stick there head up and try to shine. Your words show that the people around you would not respect any choices that you made, and so because you want to stay being a sheep you mimic those words. Who are you that you feel so threatened by the courage of Caitlyn? Who are you that cannot smile happily and with joy at seeing a person take steps to be the person that they truly are? Why are you so unable to let go of your bitter and twisted views and be the best person that you can be?

I think Caitlyn is a role model for everyone. Not just those of us living with transgender feelings. What a path Caitlyn has wandered? So many decades living within false constraints. I show Caitlyn’s steps to my daughters to say that no matter what the odds are in life you must always be true to yourself. Yes you will be scared, yes you will be frightened, and yes you may lose some people that you thought loved you. All those feelings will be worth it. Once you realise who you are and live true to yourself, good people surround you, you feel empowered, your life has meaning and you discover joy. Living true to yourself brings balance.

A big cheer for Vanity Fair for publishing Caitlyn’s debut on their front cover.

And Caitlyn, I am honoured that I lived at a time that allowed you to find yourself inside and out.



Just because he’s an A$%hole!

Now I’m not in favour of labelling people, and I think that we should always try to extend loving kindness wherever possible, but on Monday I met an a$%hole. He was employed by a tradie and sent to my house to do some preparatory manual labour. Long story short, his behaviour was appalling and I refused to have him on my property. In my defence the man has actually been fired because of a history of similar appalling behaviour, so my assessment of him as an a$%hole is warranted. The story for the blog though is when I went to relay the story as a bit of a debrief …

Do you ever start talking about an upsetting incident and the very first thing the person you are speaking to asks, “what nationality?” As though certain cultures have cornered the market in a$%holedom. And if you ask the person why that has anything to do with it they immediately get defensive; or attack you (which I think is the behaviour of an a$%hole). Now that attitude is a blog (a big one!) for another day, but the conversation did get me thinking.

Is there any culture that is so perfect that never in its history has there ever been a single person that could be called an a$%hole? I mean nearly every country in the world has prisons  and a certain group of activities that it considers crimes, so it is easy to assume that there must be, in every culture, a certain group of activities, consistently performed, to get oneself labelled “a$%hole“. Well perhaps not that specific word. Of course I didn’t really want to ask my friends this question so I relied on Google.

Now, being an Aussie girl at heart I was not surprised to find that someone has spent time to amass a list that allows you to call someone an a$%hole in any language. I read quite a few. German is such a great language to swear in, and the Kashmiri “you have an insect in your a$%hole” made me laugh out loud. I think I might try that one next time I need to lighten a tense situation. So on what has been a trying Tuesday in a trying week I leave you with some humour. Because sometimes we are human!

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