The insidious faces of domestic violence

So often I post about male on female intimate partner violence (emotional, financial, physical and verbal abuses). I am often attacked as not caring about male victims of domestic violence. Whilst the statistics in Australia on domestic violence are overwhelmingly committed by males (approximately 73%), whether male on female or male on male the fact remains that there is a group of people, men, in our societies who are subjected to family violence their intimate partners. They are often marginalised and disregarded in the broader debate. We need to include all victims of family violence in this debate if we are to truly challenge the perpetrators and eradicate their toxic behaviours.

To become informed about this lesser discussed form of family violence, be it female on male, or male on male, please find a screening of the movie The Red Pill. 

Information about screenings and the movie itself at link


Getting Over Procrastination – The New Yorker

Hello my fellow Red Dust Wanderers. I have shared this article as I know many of you suffer from procrastination; whether occasionally or chronically.
I get crippled by procrastination. I have a 3500 word paper due tomorrow and have done nothing so far. I will cram and work without sleep to make the deadline, because that is what I am good at. The “deadline” warrior should carved on my headstone, if I was getting buried rather than scattered to the winds.
I never connected my impulsiveness with my procrastination before.  It is like a light has gone for me. I am heading for a 10 day meditation retreat in June with no idea of a focus. Now I have one self – control!  It will address both conditions that continually land me in hot water.
Owning it! Stepping up! Taking charge of the path I am walking.
I hope at least one of you has a light bulb moment reading this article and that it brings you closer to implementing mindfulness and meditation into your life.
** LoveAndLight * *

My favourite vegan salad

I have only been vegan for half a year and I am loving it. The food is so tasty and filling that I never miss my old SAD ways of eating. The added loss of 17 kilos is also a nice bonus.  So I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes I discovered on my recent vegan wanderings. Have a wonderful day and for those celebrating Easter, I hope you have a great family day with lots of fun for the kids.

Why I’m Not “Good People”

Words are the best way to communicate with each other to benefit and improve society and each other.

Jenny's Library

I’m not a nice person.

I’m not a good person.

I’m not a kind person.

This isn’t to say that I don’t ever try to be any of these three things.  I do, especially the last two.

It’s more to say that, for me, surviving in this cissexist, racist, ableist, heteronormative, classist, often fucked up world of ours has involved rejecting the idea that “good” and “bad” are static states of being.  I will never be a “good person” because, to me, “good” is not something that you achieve.  It’s an ongoing process that never ends.

It is, in fact, almost impossible not to be doing bad things as well as good when you are human and therefore flawed.  Especially when you are part of a messed up system, as we all are.

This, to me, is why it’s important to call out bad behavior, or hurtful language, or even…

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Ecology, Gaia Hypothesis, and Saving all Beings, by Colin Moore

I have been planning a similar blog on Buddhism and the environment. This blog presents it beautifully. I am so grateful you took the time to write it and publish it.

Buddhism now

Cleavers. Artwork by @TessaMacDermotThe Buddha stressed the urgency for change saying that the human situation is like a man whose house is on fire. What was true for the individual then is becoming increasingly true for our collective existence today. Even a superficial investigation into the causes of the crisis, as called for by the Second Noble Truth, will reveal that the collective behaviour of humanity and the impact it is having on living systems is the cause. The Earth is under tremendous stress, and we are clearly overstepping the limits of her life-support systems to cleanse and balance the pollution and preserve nature as we know it in all its beauty and diversity. Meanwhile the consumer society with its dire attendant social and ecological impact goes largely unquestioned and mostly unchallenged.

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