Multi Level Marketing – Stop the Nay Saying

A bit of an unusual rant from me but I truly felt that I had to speak up on behalf of women.

I recently watched a YouTube clip about a product a friend of mine had started selling. The commentator in the video was against my friends product. His only reason for being against the product is that it was multi-level marketing (MLM). Nothing about the integrity of the company or the quality of the product. Just against it because of the way you buy it.

Let me tell you about MLM and I why I do it and thousands of others do it too. Now, I agree, there are some unscrupulous companies out their, but mostly the MLM products that are lasting and that have successful sales consultants are good products from good companies that chose a specific growth path. And it is a path that empowers its consultants, most of whom are women.

I love MLM. I am not hugely active as for me it is a side line. I have two MLM products that I sell because I absolutely believe in or love the product. I am well rewarded, can work the hours I want and I have fun. I also get to work with some amazing people who bring joy to my life. Most of the women I work with have MLM as their main source of income. They are able to work around children, family commitments and their own commitments. I work with mums of young children, university students, upcoming brides, and women with older children. All express how much they enjoy being able to pick their own hours.

I have heard people comment that I am making money off my friends. Yes, I did, they welcomed me into my home to hear what I had to say. The same as if you bought a product from a friend that worked in a shop or owned the shop. Other critics point to the rewards that can include holidays locally and overseas. My son works for a multi-national company and regularly goes on holidays that he has won on bonuses, or he travels for conferences, planning retreats and any number of activities. This is how businesses in sales work. They reward their top sales people. And that is what MLM does too.

Put simply, MLM is just one of a number of different business models, one that enables women to work part time or full time, when it suits them and their families, and gives them financial independence, boosts their confidence, and in many many cases builds strong lasting friendships.

If you are interested, there are links below are to my business sites and to mine and my friend’s FaceBook pages if you are interested on finding out more about the product.

Norwex – cleaning house with only water. Saving time, money and being environmentally conscious.

Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery – no lead, nickel or cadmium for your skin to absorb. I have a metal allergy and have no reaction to this beautiful, stunning range of high fashion jewellery.

Juice Plus+ – an energising collection of whole food supplements.


Chakra colours and scarves

It seems odd to think of chakras purely as their colour. So often we carry crystals or wear them as jewellery hoping to balance a chakra. As a person who is not likely to randomly kiss trees or hug babies I actually pay quite a lot of attention to my chakras and to that extent I pay attention to the colour scarf I wear. I wear scarves everyday. Each of the colours chosen are used to support me mentally. Some people laugh but it is true. I tend to incorporate a lot of red into my overall outfit. In fact my basic work wardrobe is black, grey and red. While this provides me with a sense of safety and security, it is designed to engender that sense of safety and security in others. The message is, “I have this under control, you can believe in me to get the job done.”

For meetings or public appearances I choose carefully. I think of my audience and the message I am trying to get across. When I am speaking to large crowds I always wear a turquoise coloured scarf to support my throat. You may laugh but I gave my favourite turquoise scarf to a woman terrified of public speaking back in February. She gave a magnificent presentation. So much so that I felt compelled to give her the scarf.

Earlier on this year I was on a mission to reempower my self. My previous job had become so mind numbing that I had unintentionally stripped some of my own confidence. I found a beautiful yellow scarf with other charkra colours interwoven in a lovely paisley pattern. I like tiny paisley patterns as they remind me of mandalas. I have to say that the scarf restored me to my former confident self and enabled me to make some great life changing and life progressing decisions.

So my learning to share with you, think about the colours that you where, and if you do the Melbourne all black, add some colour and dedicate it to a specific chakra. Then watch how your day unfolds.

Love and Light!!

Yellow chakra scarf

Conversations on a train: Menopause

There are some topics that are taboo for public discussion. Some are sensible taboos, others are not, and some are changing their status. Menopause being one of the latter. Coming home on the train the other afternoon I managed to embarrass my teenager (yay!) by having a conversation about the symptoms and treatments of menopause. I find it interesting, given what teenagers post on social media, that a normal function could cause her to want to curl up and die. But that is a topic for another day.

How it happened: I was sitting on the train when I began having a rather warm, and importantly, not hot, flush (the Chinese Medicine is starting to work!!) and grabbed the fan from my handbag. I started fanning, only to have my teenager nudge me and sotto voce tell me that it was disturbing the woman I was sitting next to. I turned to look at the woman, who had clearly heard, and she said, “I just stopped doing what you are doing.” I was quite taken aback as she looked the same age as me. I am convinced I am too young, 48, to be undergoing menopuase. I asked her how long it had lasted and she said seven years. She had finally given in and taken HRT. Her symptoms were so severe that I felt a twinge of guilt about my whingeing and whining of late. My sister, who is similar in appearance to the woman, also suffers greatly and I jokingly said it must be a blond haired blue eyed curse to suffer so much. At this point another woman leaned into the conversation and said, in a friendly manner, “I can assure you it isn’t.”

With dark olive skin and brown eyes she was no doubt correct. The three of us all smiled at each other and it was as though an instant bond formed. The type of bond that can only exist amongst people who have experienced the same thing. I asked if she was still having menopause symptoms and how long they had been going for. Like the woman next to me she didn’t look “old” or “menopausal”. I was really surprised to learn that she had started before she was 50 and now in her 60s was still experiencing symptoms. I said a quick prayer to any god that might be lurking around that I wouldn’t experience them for that long.

It was interesting to note the amount of women surreptitiously listening in to our conversation but too shy to participate. Clearly we three women are pioneers of public discussion. We discussed different complementary medicines, the pros and cons of HRT, Doctors opinions on complementary treatments (overwhelmingly negative, despite medical disasters like HRT with its proven links to ovarian cancer), and finally we discussed the impact on careers. One of the women experienced such a huge level of fatigue that she, like me, had requested a part time role, and her work place would not accommodate it and so, like me, she had no alternative than to resign. Such limited thinking.

It was a really refreshing conversation, and I learnt a lot. I was disappointed when my station arrived that it had to end. I regret not giving my contact details to the women so we might share some more. I would really love to start a group, physical or virtual, for women that provides a safe space to learn and laugh about symptoms, share experiences, celebrate or lament  the support or lack of support offered by family and friends, and what treatments have cured, or minimised, or provided some relief.

If anyone is interested I would be happy to be an admin for a closed Facebook group. Or I might just start a page and try my hand at developing some dedicated menopause memes to add some humour to our day. Feel free to comment here or contact me via my Facebook page if you are interested in a group or a page, or have a bit of artistic meme flair…Or some funny and not so funny stories to share, or links that helped you.

Disgusting diet pill scam

I am so angry. A friend posted a link showing appalling marketing practices on my personal facebook wall today. That disgusting PureGarcinia company has taken to faking endorsement using the beloved Australian magazine, The Women’s Weekly. These “Skinny” pills have been proven to not work. Do a quick Google search adding “Pure Garcinia reviews”. People are losing money, not weight. In a double blind study the group taking the supplement lost less weight than the group taking it.

Women, and men should love their bodies. Not fall into this trap of unrealistic body images. The only diet you should ever undertake is a lifestyle eating path that brings you to good health. If you are in good health then your body will find its own natural weight. I do encourage organic, high raw, gluten free, vegan/vegetarian lifestyles from my own personal experience. I would never recommend a magic pill. None exist. And yes, sadly, I know that from personal experience too.

So that you don’t get caught out I have posted links to the real and the fake sites.

REAL: Australian Women’s Weekly

FAKE: Australian Women’s Weekly

Baring the Female Breasts: Beyond Objectification

So many of our “health” issues actually have their root cause in an emotional off-balance. These 3 stories highlight our changes in almost perfect alignment with maiden, mother and crone. I remember my maiden years (albeit brief, as I was always adventurous) … I loved beautiful undergarments. They always had to be silky and lacy, matching and race! As I entered my mother years the women surrounding me were so anti breastfeeding that I gave up. They could not grasp multiple concepts of the breast. It was purely a sexual object not to be shown in public. Thank goodness my daughter is more supported and able to feed in public. Although she does buy in to the “discrete” school which sees her having to go somewher uncomfortable to make sure narrow minded people are comfortable. And now I am entering the crone years. Scary thought. Not yet 50. My breasts still love a nice bra. And I confess to adding a bit of padding now and then. A recent weight loss of many kilos saw them shrink. But deep down I love them. I always have. Big, small, full of milk, showing cleavage … After all they are a part of me.

Stories From the Belly

There is so much more to a woman’s relationship to her breasts than meets the naked eye. In this post, I am thrilled to have two of my favorite bloggers, KS of Kosher Adobo and Jennifer Berney of Goodnight Already, joining me as we pay homage to this most famous of feminine body parts. Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin
Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin


I am a junior in boarding school. Behind me is a “Save Sex” poster and a perfume ad: “Femme Fatale: When the female of the species is more dangerous than the male.” It’s the night before the first day of school. I am tugging on the neck of my shirt, admiring my bra strap. Every bra I owned just a year before was white or beige, looking more like bandages for my then AA breasts. But this 36B brassiere, red and lined with lace, which I bought…

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