Monday Menopause update!

I just have to ask… How do career women balance peri-menopause and work and family and friends? Seriously! I am blessed with not being moody, in terms of cantankerous. Although, I am periodically suffering from eye leakage at cute duck and puppy videos on Facebook and am sometimes voluntarily cuddling babies.

As for my career, I have set up my work life at the moment to enable me to work from home most days. Amazing what bosses will offer you when they like your work and really want you. Very empowering too. So today I am madly designing a survey questionnaire and realise I have worked 6.5 hours without a break. Unfortunately, this is not unusual for me as I tend to get into workaholic mode very quickly. So, using what scant will power (another thing that seems to vanish as part of the whole end of the hormone business) I have I decided to stop for lunch. (And I must digress a bit because it was a fabulous lunch, because I’m married to the Most Darling Man who loves to cook. In fact, while writing this he has just gone out to the garden and picked fresh lettuce and tomatoes for my evening salad.)

So there I am, feeling nice and full, starting to contemplate my winter waistline, and I think I will have a quick power nap. This was at 3pm. One hour and twenty minutes later I wake with a fright and leap up and race to my computer to log in for my afternoon vid conference just in time. The vid conference went well except for the fact that in my rush to log in I didn’t check my appearance and had the most dreadful case of bed hair. Thank goodness I go without makeup most days otherwise I could have had panda eyes as well. I was also busting to go to the bathroom. A new feature of this peri-menopause business is that my bladder thinks it is full as soon as there is more than three drops of urine to get rid of. What is that deal?

So, why did I sleep so long in the middle of the day you ask? Had I had a late night? Had I had an early morning start? No, it is because I had absolutely zero sleep last night. True! I spent my night like this: I’d just drop off to sleep and wake up because I was cold, I’d fumble for the electric blanket and just as I was warming up my temperature irregulator would soar to the other extreme and before I knew it I was blazing hot and kicking the bedding off to run naked (something I’ve not done previously, well not since my 20s when I had a body worth running naked in!) to stand in front of the freezer on the cold kitchen tiles. I would then chug down cold water and head back to bed. And then just as I was drifting off I would need to go to the bathroom. I’d stagger back to bed and the whole cycle would repeat.

Now you may recall that I have been trying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to control the worst of the symptoms, and I have to say it is working, and most nights I get a reasonable amount of sleep, but I think I am looking for a miracle cure. As in zero symptoms. The TCM Dr has changed the dosage of my medication and stuck a few more needles in me for good measure so hopefully when I return from my meditation retreat I will be more balanced.

So, if like me you are going through 1 or 34 of the symptoms of peri-menopause … hang in there … estimates are that it lasts from 3 to 15 years. Oh, and to the woman who offered me Christian comfort the other day as ripped open my fan and fanned myself down while shrugging out of my hat, scarf and coat, thank you very much for your kindness and clear empathy. It was most welcomed, and I did read your pamphlets out of politeness, and, after spending six years in pubescent hell as a teenager, countless years with bloating, weird days where I felt everything was wrong until I woke the next day and realised that my “friend” was about to arrive, late arrivals and early arrivals and short stays and long stays, and heavy stays while wearing skinny white jeans, don’t even get me started on the agony of childbirth, and now that I am lining up for the switching off of my hormones, I would like to say “the female body is NOT an example of intelligent design”.

That’s pretty much all for today. I wish you all a wonderful evening and a beautiful restful sleep.



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