Getting Over Procrastination – The New Yorker

Hello my fellow Red Dust Wanderers. I have shared this article as I know many of you suffer from procrastination; whether occasionally or chronically.
I get crippled by procrastination. I have a 3500 word paper due tomorrow and have done nothing so far. I will cram and work without sleep to make the deadline, because that is what I am good at. The “deadline” warrior should carved on my headstone, if I was getting buried rather than scattered to the winds.
I never connected my impulsiveness with my procrastination before.  It is like a light has gone for me. I am heading for a 10 day meditation retreat in June with no idea of a focus. Now I have one self – control!  It will address both conditions that continually land me in hot water.
Owning it! Stepping up! Taking charge of the path I am walking.
I hope at least one of you has a light bulb moment reading this article and that it brings you closer to implementing mindfulness and meditation into your life.
** LoveAndLight * *


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