Ecology, Gaia Hypothesis, and Saving all Beings, by Colin Moore

I have been planning a similar blog on Buddhism and the environment. This blog presents it beautifully. I am so grateful you took the time to write it and publish it.

Buddhism now

Cleavers. Artwork by @TessaMacDermotThe Buddha stressed the urgency for change saying that the human situation is like a man whose house is on fire. What was true for the individual then is becoming increasingly true for our collective existence today. Even a superficial investigation into the causes of the crisis, as called for by the Second Noble Truth, will reveal that the collective behaviour of humanity and the impact it is having on living systems is the cause. The Earth is under tremendous stress, and we are clearly overstepping the limits of her life-support systems to cleanse and balance the pollution and preserve nature as we know it in all its beauty and diversity. Meanwhile the consumer society with its dire attendant social and ecological impact goes largely unquestioned and mostly unchallenged.

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