Wandering the Red Dust Ways

The begining of this part of my journey …

This blog is just me commenting on the world. One day it might be something small, one day it might be something big. If it provides you with an insight into your daily wanderings then great, if it amuses you then terrific, if it bores you then scroll on past – but do come back another day!

It is important that I tell you why I chose the blogger name I chose. The Red Dust Way is in the Taoist tradition. What it means is living life in The Red Dust, ie the dust of life. It is not about retreating to a cave in a cool green mountain to achieve a perfect state. It appealed to me as a metaphor on the way to live life.

So often you see people living for some moment in the future, or saying if only XX would happen or if only HH were different. So often people are not present in their daily lives. They’re in the future, or, more frequently, drowning in the past. Me, I am always present; always here, always now. I think that’s what makes me happy.

What is also important is that it is MyWay. So often there are claims that if you do it this way or that way then your life will be perfect. Rubbish! We, each of us, must find our OwnWay and, this is the most important bit, respect the fact that other’s have to find TheirWay.

It is your OwnWay because you own it! So, step up. Own the life you live. Own every thought and every action. There is ALWAYS a choice. It may not be a pleasant choice but there is always a choice, whether you make it from a position of strength, compromise or weakness. When you own it, really own it, then you value it. When you value it, then life improves.

I will introduce you to many wonderful people who let me share their ways with them, the highs, the lows, and the beautiful calm comfortable in-betweens. Or I might share something I hear on the radio, or sitting in a cafe, or travelling on the bus, and tell you what I think. I encourage you to engage with me positively and provide your thoughts.

PS, I’m a girl from the West at heart, so the odd impassioned f-bomb does not offend me, however, my readership might be a bit hesitant so please use it sparingly. Remember we have options like I AM REALLY UPSET, or I disagree!!!! or Yippppeeeeee!!! :))))))  My personal favourite is **BIG SMILES**


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